What is TechVudu?

Based in the Greenville-Spartanburg SC area, TechVudu provides on-site technical support to clients in a wide variety of industries. We also offer remote end user support, website & graphic design and cloud based application services to clients all over the world.
TechVudu assists individual computer users and businesses save time and money by providing various technology services such as network design and installation ( NetVudu ) , PC Repair and service ( PCVudu ) , Website Design, hosting and email ( WebsiteVudu ) , Graphic Design and Corporate Branding ( GraphicVudu ) , Remote User Support from frustrating PC security and performance problems ( RemoteVudu ) and Cloud Based Services such as file storage, collaboration solutions and web conferencing ( CloudVudu )

Why Should I choose TechVudu to help me?

TechVudu was founded in 2011 in response to the need of businesses looking for world class technology without the high corporate expense. We provide various “magical” services that are focused directly towards small businesses and we leverage many of the most popular cloud based tools and applications. TechVudu’s philosophy is to “own less and do more” and is the preferred provider for those looking to reap the maximum benefit on their IT investment.

We are an experienced group of fun loving technology magicians who specialize in leveraging the power of technology to make your business better. NO we don’t work out of a big high rise office, NO we don’t charge fat corporate prices and NO we don’t close our doors at 5pm. We work our “magic” when you work yours.

As a complete technical services company, TechVudu prides itself in working hard to be more than a provider to our customers but rather a long-term partner. Satisfaction through friendly staff, technical magic and internet wizardry is what we love to do daily.

What kind of service guarantee do you offer?

All TechVudu services includes a one-time follow-up consultation if requested within seven (7) days. If you encounter the same issue or problem within seven days of your service session, please notify us within those seven days and we will provide a follow-up consultation to help remedy the issue or problem quickly and professionally.

What are the payment options?

TechVudu accepts Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover cards as payments for services.

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