Red Critter Mascot / Logo Design

We’ve just completed the new Mascot for Red Critter Corp based in Dallas, TX. Red Critter came to us looking for a unique Mascot that they could use that would easily identify and differentiate them from their competition in the world of gamification.

A little about Red Critter: RedCritter™ cloud computing platform supports software-as-a-service with a particular purpose…delivering “information at-a-glance.”

RedCritter Apps can pull information from around the Web or even across a company Intranet. They are context and preferences aware. They support rich media, interactivity and even animation. RedCritter Apps intelligently retrieve “smart bits” of information that the user cares about at a time when it is most useful to them, based on their work habits. With RedCritter, companies can operate more efficiently by enhancing their sales, support and strategic operations.

Any 3rd party developer can build entertainment or productivity RedCritter Apps for the cloud. RedCritter is the only option for half a million Silverlight developers that want to create desktop-based Apps for Microsoft Outlook™ users. Microsoft’s Outlook install base represents a user community of over 500 million professionals and knowledge workers.

We’re very glad that Red Critter chose GraphicVudu for their logo and we’re currently working with them on additional projects.

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