Will installing an SSD Improve PC Performance?

The quick answer to this is yes. Traditional Hard Disk Drives (HHD’s) use spinning disks to access data while SSD (Solid State Drives) do not. SSD’s are similar to traditional flash based USB drives but with much faster memory called NAND. SSD’s access data much faster than traditional HDD’s because they have no moving parts and can access the data directly.

You might ask yourself, “How much will it improve performance”. This depends on a lot of factors such as age of computer, RAM, processor but boot times should be recorded in seconds rather than minutes and opening up large applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop should open much faster as well. Installing an SSD can greatly improve the overall speed of an aging laptop or desktop. Some of our “Gurus” recently opened up a brand new Dell Latitude E5520 laptop with a 5400 RPM HDD. With no applications installed it took 51 seconds from pressing the power button to the point of logging in. With the hard drive perfectly imaged over to the SSD this same process took 13 seconds. That’s about a 70% time savings.

We don’t guarantee that your PC will run 70% better with an SSD drive installed but it will improve boot time, application launch time and also shutdown time. Overall you will see an improvement in your PC’s performance. If you’re using Windows XP this performance boost will not be as visible as someone running Windows 7. Windows 7 is optimized for SSD usage and has additional setting for SSD based drives. Regardless if you own a windows PC or a MAC an SSD will improve the performance.

Another benefit of using SSD’s is the lower power consumption which basically means longer battery life for you laptop. The reason for this is simple, no motor on an SSD to drive the disks thus less power to access the data.

The costs are coming down for SSD’s. Currently 128GB and 256GB SSD drives will run you about $1 per Gigabit or lower depending on the size and manufacturer.

TechVudu Recommends SSD’s from Crucial or Kingston. Our favorite SSD drive is the 256GB M4 from Crucial.com. Instead of installing more RAM into an aging PC give it a boost with an SSD drive instead. You’ll be glad you did and also get a little more juice out of your batteries as well.

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